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CMYK Frosting Transparent PVC VIP Card 0.8mm With Magnetic Stripe

CMYK Frosting Transparent PVC VIP Card 0.8mm With Magnetic Stripe

  • CMYK Frosting Transparent PVC VIP Card 0.8mm With Magnetic Stripe
  • CMYK Frosting Transparent PVC VIP Card 0.8mm With Magnetic Stripe
CMYK Frosting Transparent PVC VIP Card 0.8mm With Magnetic Stripe
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Guangzhou China
Brand Name: Xuan Cai brand
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: TC-012
function: eco friendly
material: PVC
Normal Size: 86*54*0.76mm
Technology: print/blank
Fuction: environment friendly
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Detailed Product Description
High Light:

plastic card printing


waterproof business cards


CMYK Frosting Transparent PVC VIP Card 0.8mm With Magnetic Stripe



Quick Detail:

  1. Product material: PVC
  2. Printing type: Offset printing/CMYK
  3. Place of origin: Guangzhou, Guangdong
  4. Brand name: GZXC
  5. Model No.: GZXS-T500
  6. With magnetic stripe
  7. Normal Size: 86*54*0.76mm
  8. Thickness: 0.3-0.76mm
  9. Surface: Glossy, matte, frosting
  10. Certification: ISO
  11. Technics: print & blank
  12. OEM service: Available
  13. Transportation: DHL, DEDEX, UPS, TNT ect.
  14. Weight: 1000PCS 6KGS
  15. Production time: 7 days after the order confirmed
  16. Packing: 250pcs/box, 20 boxes/carton
  17. Carton size: 48*23.6*31cm
  18. Port: HUANGPU
  19. Available craft: add bar code, magnetic stripe, signature panel, gold or silver hot stamp, UV spot,embossing no., scratch panel, punch hole ect.
  20. Application: shop, club, promotion, advertising, hospital, traffic , insurance, supermarket, school, access control ect.








High quality pvc


85.5*54mm standard size


0.76mm common use


1000pcs for each design

Available crafts

Hole punch, UV spot, gold/silver hot stamping, emboss number, gold/silver dust for the background, add signature panel/ magnetic stripe/ scratch panel/ barcode, etc.

Printing method

4 color offset printing/ silk screen printing

Surface finishing

Glossy, matte, frosting


We usually accept EXW price and FOB price


Standard shape or customized






Bank, enterprise, supermarkets, games, hotel, leisure, food and beverage, beauty, car maintenance, bookstore, coffee, tourism, clubs, etc.


DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc



Production time

5-7days after got deposit from you


250pcs/box; 20boxes/ctn

Carton size














Magnetic stripe card is a magnetic recording medium in card-type, being used in conjunction with a variety of cards. Magnetic stripe card make use of magnetic carrier to record some information in order to identify or for some other usage.


There are many kinds of magnetic stripe, such as black color, green color, grey color, brown color and so on. Also the width of the stripe have 2 mainly kinds, 0.8mm and 1mm. We can do as customer’s require. Beside, the type of the cards is also different, mainly include 2 kinds, Hi-co magnetic stripe and Lo-co magnetic stripe.



Magnetic stripe card is a record card in magnetic media. It is made ​​from high strength, anti-high temperature plastic or plastic coated paper, so it’s able to resist moisture and abrasion and there is a certain degree of flexibility, easy to carry, the use of more stable and reliable. Typically, one side of the card is printed with instructions prompted information, such as card direction; the other side is the magnetosphere or magnetic stripe, with 2-3 tracks to record information about the data.

There are three tracks on the magnetic stripe, track 1, track 2 and track 3 read and write tracks which can be read-out or typed in. Track 1 can record numbers (0-9), letters (A-Z), and other symbols (such as brackets, separators, etc.), the largest record capacity is79 numbers or letters.

Track 2 and 3 can only record number characters (0-9). Track 2 can record maximum 40 characters Track 3 can record maximum 107 characters.

Strip is made from a layer of oriented iron oxide particles (Also known as Pigment), being closed adhesive by resin binder and stick to paper or plastic or some other non-magnetic substrate media.

Intrinsically magnetic stripe is in the same with tape or disk used in the computer, which can memory letters, characters and digital information. After being adhesive or sealed firmly with plastic or paper together they form the magnetic card. The information contained in the magnetic stripe is usually longer than bar code in length. There are three separate track magnetic stripe, known as TK1, TK2, TK3. Tk1 can take 79 letters or characters at most, Tk2 can take 40 characters at most, Tk1 can take 107 l at most. It’s development has got decades well support from well-known international companies, especially from the governments, due to its low cost easy management, and has a certain security features. The application of the card is very popular all over the country, and it has been involved in every aspect of our life. What’s more the banking system is widely used for decades, which help a lot on the development of magnetic penetration rate.

Base on the different metrial, magnetic card can be divided as the PET card, PVC card and the card.

Depending on different layers of the magnetic, it can be divided as the magnetic stripe card and coated magnetic card.

Magnetic card is convenient to use, in low cost, so it’s widely used. It can be used to make

credit cards, bank cards, subway cards, card, ticket card, phone card; electronic game cards, tickets, air tickets and all kinds of transportation charge card etc. Nowadays we use magnetic card in many situations, such having lunch in the restaurant, shopping ,making a phone call, entering controlled  eras and so on. It is a long time since magnetic card has been used. It’s development has got decades well support from well-known international companies, especially from the governments, due to its low cost easy management, and has a certain security features. The application of the card is very popular all over the country, and it has been involved in every aspect of our life. You can use it to make phone call, take the fly, or even use it in the stock market.

There are data indicated that the average number of magnetic card for an adult American owning is 4. Singapore has same situation. In some developed countries like America. Because the card is widely used in banking, securities and other system, application system is well. If these existing card application system, including the Visa card /MasterCard card application system, all replaced by smart card system which is increasingly matured, the annual investment will be $100 billion at least. And it will seriously affect the people's life habits and the normal operation of the application system. This is also the reason why the smart card system development in the United States is lower than European countries. In the future for a long period of time especially like the United States of America such a bank card application system is a highly developed country. bank card application system will co-existed with the smart card application system in the mode of complementary . The overall security of smart card is indeed better than the magnetic card. But the very well card application system (such as the banking system) make up for the deficiency of the card in its security features. So the user can not feel the different security of them, and will not significantly affect by the use of them.

Magnetic stripe card may be interfered by many factors outside magnetic field.





Magnetic stripe card in the wallet, purse in the distance Cikou too close, and even Cikou exposure

To close or in touch with the lady bags, men handbag Cikou

Be in touch with the magnetic seal of memo and note book.

Be in touch with magnetic buckle of the phone or car keys

Stay long time with mobile or other equipment can produce electromagnetic radiation

Too closed with television, included household appliances machine has the strong magnetic field

In supermarkets, and supermarkets anti-theft degaussing equipment is too close or even contact

Many magnetic stripe cards are put together, the two card magnetic stripe contact each with each other

In addition, the magnetic stripe card compression, were broken, long time exposure, bump, high temperature, magnetic stripe scratch stain will make the magnetic stripe card can not be normal used.

Record principle

The recording head has formed by ring core gap and wound on the iron core coil


Magnetic stripe cards main process


01. Magnetic stripe cards can provide customers with the layout of material , but may also provide design draft . Magnetic stripe cards

02 . Magnetic stripe cards typically have a thickness from 0.30mm to 0.76mm, 0.76 is the standard thickness , the thickness can also be made ​​of the other .

03 . Magnetic stripe cards standard size is 85.5mm X 54mm, rounded corners can also be made ​​into other dimensions.

04 . Magnetic stripe cards can be printed single-sided or double-sided , using silk screen or offset printing (CMYK four -color printing ) printing method .

05 can be produced in every one magnetic stripe card sprayed on the different number , PIN code or text.

06 . Magnetic stripe cards with the signature or WordPad ( you can manually write the area ) .

07 . Magnetic stripe cards can be customized according to customer requirements with low density or high density magnetic stripe ( three-track magnetic stripe ) .

08. Magnetic stripe cards can play convex code, code can be or silver hot stamping .

09 can be produced in a magnetic stripe card play in the round hole or strip holes .

10 can be produced in the magnetic stripe on the card on Coding scratch slip on shoe ( commonly used in the prepaid card Phone Card draw card, etc. ) .

11 magnetic stripe cards can be marked with various types of bar codes .

12 of magnetic stripe card number can be organized in the order , you can also play individual , no rule number .

13 magnetic stripe cards can be made into a square, circular and any other irregular shapes.

14 magnetic stripe cards background color can be made ​​of imitation gold or silver imitation .

15 can be produced in a magnetic stripe card hot on gold or silver .

16 magnetic stripe cards can be made of matte or glossy surface , sub-surface effects .

17 magnetic stripe cards available white PVC material , frosted transparent material or completely transparent transparent material .


Magnetic stripe card production process introduced


( 1 ) determine the file

Whether ordinary card or chip card production are the first to determine the magnetic stripe card, printed documents , the design of the magnetic stripe card magnetic stripe cards must first understand the standard specifications for the 85.5 * 54mm, the design specifications for the 88.5 * 57mm, because of the length and width additionally , 3mm of bleed , in the production process will be cut punch , the standard thickness of 0.76mm.

File format commonly used are : cdr, AI, psd, pdf, eps, tif , etc., model : C, M, Y, K, picture resolution of 300dpi or more is better.

( 2 ) Film Output

When the magnetic stripe card file to determine the output is followed by a printed film, film output generally produced in a small number of magnetic stripe cards will and a smaller number of magnetic stripe cards other pieces together , that is, imposition printing , each film forum General to 25 pages . Produce large quantities of magnetic stripe cards usually copied into the layout and then output film 25 , which is the special edition print .

( 3 ) Printing

Printing is usually divided into screen printing, offset printing, offset printing and other filament .

Screen : Monochrome composition and the colors or fewer types of gold , silver will generally choose the layout of screen printing, screen printing is based on design documents manually deploy ink color value , the use of silk screen manual ( or screen printing machine ) on the surface of a film kind of printing.

Offset : rich colors, gradients, or have a picture , such as design layout generally opt for offset printing , magnetic stripe cards offset printing directly on a UV printing, four-color film , and through the PS version of the file according to your design color value printed directly on film surface.

Filament Offset : Offset printing plus it is clear that the first silk screen or offset printing, offset printing or silk screen then . Select screen plus offset the effect is generally based on the customer's needs, and this printing surface magnetic stripe cards will be fine flash effect , this will have some impact printing sharpness , color is also relatively difficult to grasp.

( 4 ) Synthesis of

Synthesis is the printed film ( front and back ) by laminating machine ( high pressure ) are fused together in the process , in the synthesis of the customers required thickness in front and back printed film thickness of the film with the corresponding intermediate need to add film magnetic stripe or magnetic stripe card is also at this time positioning the magnetic stripe on the film or film , while using different surfaces of the plate to achieve the card face smooth, matte or frosted surface, such as different effects . Good synthesis process until after the subsequent process ( such as re- screen , printed signature strip , UV convex , etc. )

( 5 ) Punching

Punching is a synthesis of the printed film processing into finished products completed the process of the card , the standard magnetic stripe cards are generally in the high-speed automatic punch card machines directly into the finished card , non-standard card ( or shaped card ) must make a metal mold or beer edition in the manual punch or beer on hand punched finished card .

( 6 ) The follow-up process magnetic stripe card

The subsequent process more magnetic stripe cards , each with its own end-user demand , usually are: bronzing , hot silver , barcode , convex code , marking , flat yard , laser code , write magnetic , anti-counterfeiting , scratch strip , thermal printing , punching , high frequency and so on .






aluminum name card case/holder

Item No:









Any colours(surface,designs,) are available.


 business card,credit card,ID cardbills,etc.


 Nice design,workable price.


Style:FT1001    product size:95*60*5MM  package: polybag  weight/ pcs in case;17g/12pcs  packing inf.100pcs/inner box,1000pcs/ctn  carton box:56*27.5*28CM  G.W./N.W.:19KG/17KG.


Packing mode: polybag, opp bag+white box. gift box, display box. shrink package, blister card packag



Competitive Advantage:


  1. HIGH RESOLUTION full color printing - from Heidelberg speed master
  2. Eco friendly material-30mil solid PVC, same material as credit cards
  3. Best price-Competitive price guaranteed, for wholesales and retail
  4. Free design-no setup fee or other hidden cost
  5. Easy Payment- Western Union /Bank Transfer/PAYPAL, ESCROW
  6. Fast Express shipping any way - DHL /Fedex /UPS /TNT/Aramax
  7. 24Hours Quickly Feedback

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